Sunday, April 08, 2012

Melodic numbers with something more under the surface? Or is that just me over thinking again?

1) The Seekers, "Georgy Girl". I've always liked the sweet '60s melody, but I used to feel the lyrics were uncomfortably misguided. But five years on, they seem wiser than I remembered, and unusually empathetic. Whether this is justified, I don't know. Certainly any insight you get from this type of music is largely from personal projection, but that's more than you can say for most things. And to me that's cause to smile, a little bit.

2) Cockney Rebel, "Tumbling Down". Harley has the gift of making otherwise absurd lyrics seem like the most important words in the world. It's true that this time you can read a little bit into the final chorus, and his vocal passion is characteristically brilliant, but additionally, for mine, the melody is worthy of any early '70s peer. In a sense this is a swansong for Harley as mirror freak, but I hope this is a period that will be given its due more in the years to come.

3) Elliott Smith, "Waltz #2 (XO)". With my newfound belief in pre-internet era indie idols, I've corrected what in hindsight must seem like an embarrassing oversight. I'm not too old, and likely will never be, to appreciate a good lyric of remorse, and that's a gift Smith seems deservedly praised for. But honestly, it's that melody that keeps lingering in mind.

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