Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1) Robyn Hitchcock, "The Sleeping Knights of Jesus". The melodic rush. The whimsy. How it just takes a line to open the doors. I think to myself, there is a light that never goes out.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The early Fall moon in sight, I close my eyes and dream. Maybe one day I will no longer be able to go back. Each time I do, the bridges seem creakier, the landscape hazier. But when I catch sight of her, my eyes awake.

1) Bright Eyes, "We Are Nowhere". Back when this was released, I used to think unkindly of the band and their lead singer especially. This was based purely on the hype that surrounded his talents, in particular comparisons to the Master, which is something I still don't take very lightly. But there's nothing that time doesn't heal, I suppose, because these many years later I'm happy to report that my purely emotional reaction to the music has been positive. As with any musician you come to like, you have to learn to overlook the obvious turn-offs, like the sometimes overfelt quaver in his voice. You instead learn to tune into the undeniable lyrical strength, and the surprisingly resonant melodies, even if the latter are in no small part due to one of the Master's old friends.

2) Elliott Smith, "Needle In The Hay". Were I slightly older, I could imagine writing the same thing about this man, who is fast occupying a privileged zone wherein I feel an artist can do no wrong. I vaguely knew this was supposed to be a classic, and was bracing myself for the classic tale of initial befuddlement followed by gradual enlightenment. Turns out I just needed to hear him deliver the opening line for me to become a believer for life.