Saturday, February 17, 2007

The lone voice in the crowd, silently shouting:
"You must make it happen!
But you never do..."
The unfolding drama turning all too quickly
To that familiar blend of dread and sadness.

But it only takes a moment
As you stare at the mute stars,
Planning how to deal with your fate,
For it to be dealt as though
There were no surer thing on earth
And it takes less than a moment
For you to scream in delight
With the rest of the unknown faces.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Mercora is a promising site that lets you play streams of individual songs by artists, which are provided by other (presumably uncapped broadband) users from around the world. In my experiments thus far, the only hiccup is with the range - it is good (impressive, even - you can even find '50s songs here, to my delight), but not extensive. I'm hopeful that this is something that will get "fixed" when more people start using it. As it stands, it could be a useful tool to help inform potential purchases.