Saturday, December 09, 2006

So maybe there is hope for gaming after all. At least, hope for my gaming experiences, which I once thought to be long-gone. Was I just being lazy in not seeking out the works of true quality? Probably, but given my lack of interest to play even games that I truly do love and respect, perhaps it was just a phase I had to go through.

Oh, hang on though, perhaps I speak too soon. Or at least, too loosely, because I think what I really mean is that the interest is back, if only for the moment; what is conspicuously absent is the actual, you know, gaming itself. The last few weeks, I've found it most entertaining reading about all manner of games at great length, but I can count on a finger the amount of hours I've actual spent playing. It might be that I am cursed to just love thinking about games, rather than play them!

At any rate, I think it is moderately safe to say that I have a year or two of this interest left in me. I wouldn't do anything silly like say that there is a foreseeable long-term future or anything, because you never know when the MMORPG will swallow everything in its wake.