Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An amusing game you might like to try out - try to find all Beatles songs that begin with their chorus (preferably without listening to all their albums again, lest you have a whole day to spare). I haven't tried this on many other artists, as the Beatles belong to a very select group of bands whose entire catalogue I can nearly recall at will; consequently, its novelty may be severely lacking. But the genesis of this game was an analysis of...well, I can't give the name of the song, for that would spoil the game ;) Let's say an analysis of "an early song" of theirs, which thought that beginning with the chorus was pretty bold for its time.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Not terribly long ago, I might have treated the following as an aphorism: pretending to know all the answers isn't as bad as pretending to know all the questions. And the latter applied to me in spectacular fashion in the days of thunder and fire, so much so that it is genuinely hard to read anything I expressed at that time. The attempts to appear intellectual and philosophical strike me as incredibly hollow; victims of an old affliction of mine, which is being stricken with the image of something and not caring particularly for anything below its surface.

I've expressed earlier the desire to somehow talk all this over with the unfortunate victims of my treatment back then. But the time seems trapped in itself, a bad dream. I suspect that trying to revisit it will not conjure up dramatic images at all, but rather end up seeming rather bland and dreary. Is that an even worse fate?